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Best children hospital in vijayawada,Guntur-Neonatologists are pediatricians who specialize in caring for newborn infants. An attending neonatologist in Vijayawada is available in the hospital 24 hours a day and is responsible for patient care in the NICU.

This discipline, commonly the most expensive, technologically advanced and resource-intensive area of medical care coordinates many specialties and varied technologies, holding out the hope of survival to patients who are acutely and critically ill. The care, provided in a specialized unit of a hospital called the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), requires unwavering commitment, precision and synchronized teamwork. Nursing newborns up to 30 days after birth is called Neonatal care. When a child is born with any complication, they require special care around the clock.

There are 3 levels of nursing provided during Neonatal care:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Consists of healthy newborn sharing the room with the mother. Both the patients are discharged quickly when no signs of complications occur. Provided intermediate or special care for premature or afflicted newborns. Special analysis or more time may be needed for the infant to be healthy enough to get discharged. Is for infants who are in need of high technology to survive, including breathing and feeding tubes. Infants requiring this level of nursing are usually kept in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

NORI specializes in NICU nursing and has a fully equipped nursery to handle any type of emergency. An expert team of neonatologists, NICU nurses and critical care specialists with special training in working in a NICU is at hand to keep your child safe and healthy.

We have the state-of-the-art diagnostic and monitoring equipment, endorsed by the clinical expertise of our skilled staff, to detect and tackle complications.

NICU nurses have special skills including:

Today, the survival rate of premature babies has well increased, with an understanding of the diagnosis of the newborn, improved administration, and utilization of newer technologies through NICU. At NORI, a team of neonatologists, neonatal nurses, and allied health specialists watch over the baby's growth and development. The availability of experts from a variety of fields apart from the maternal and infant care wings give your baby a good chance at catching up with normal babies and living a healthy life.


The NICU staff will work with you to provide the healthiest environment for your baby. Making your baby feel relaxed in a quiet and soothing setting will help your baby grow and gain. Our nurse will work with you to find a comfortable position for your baby and teach you about appropriate stimulation.

Choosing a Pediatric Doctor

We will ask you to identify the doctor in our OPD who will care for your baby once he or she is home.